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Packing Business

Packing Department

Packing Business: Over 30years, we have built wide experiences and high technical skill of packing. To be an expert in packing, in order to create sustainable benefits and provide creative packing solutions for customers.

General Packaging


Open type is applied to product which does not require waterproof and moisture proof

It is suitable for the case if the low cost packing is required and if the products are less likely to be damaged by seawater, moisture, dust, and etc.


Vacuum type, which is made by aluminum pack inside of wooden box, is suitable for anti-corrosion.

Double layered aluminum pack is used for maintaining vacuum.


This is the most common method for wooden package, also it is good for protecting from theft.

Goods release [STUFFING]

After done all packing process, it is stuffed into container and fixed by lashing.

Overweight packing


This is called skid packing, which is used by props, wire, and shackle to fix the products


Bundle packing is suitable for pipe or H-beam packing. The products are aligned and stacked together and fixed by steel band.

Pallet / Heat Treatment


A pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiencies. Products are often placed on a pallets secured with strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap, and then unit load is stuffed into the container to be ready to ship.


Process of Packing

  • Detail of Products
  • Packing Process Chart
  • Detail of Products
  • Packing List
  • Packing Planning
  • Inspection
  • Cutting
    Heat Treatment (at 56 degree Celsius for 30mins)
  • Check-up Product
  • Preparing for shipment
    Heat Treatment (at 56 degree Celsius for 30mins)
  • Check-up Product
  • 하조작업
  • Measuring Dimension
  • Checking the Shipping Mark
  • Final inspection
  • Loading
  • Customs
  • Clearance
  • Shipping
Shippimg Mark

Example of Shipping Mark

Handle with Care Marks

  • fragile
  • handle with care
  • keep dry
  • do not drop
  • this slide up
  • requring warehousing
  • use no hook
  • danger of ignition
  • sling here
  • danger of ignition