Trust and Challenge is the spirit of TNC Group

Trading Business

Plywood from Vietnam

Establish of local plywood production facilities in Hanoi,
Vietnam, to secure cost competitiveness

Touch-free Automatic Car Wash

No Scratch, and no re-placement of brush
(it can be cost reduction : $US 10,000 per year)

Tire Wash

-The Machine which is for Application of Article 58 (4) of the Enforcement
Regulations of the Environment Conservation Act -Full Automatic tire wash
-Durability and strength design
-Water Recycling System and automatic refilling water system
-Automatic sludge outlet system

Bicycle Parking Tower

Expansion of bicycle infrastructure by Korean government up to
3,120km bicycle only road
it can easily park at the school, market, and station and also it is
good for theft prevention
Parking Capacity : 50 bicycle